For over 10 years, Dechen Ling in Ashland, Oregon has been providing students with a place to study, contemplate and meditate on the teachings of the Buddha. Thank you to our amazing donors and volunteers for helping to make this possible!!

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Please make checks out to: “Dechen Ling” and mail to Dechen Ling, PO Box 1174, Ashland OR 97520.

Sponsor 21 Butterlamps: click on the PayPal “DONATE” button below and donate $10.  Be sure to write who you are dedicating the offering to in the memo, and if you would like to be anonymous or not.  Butterlamps are offered at our weekly mantra accumulation sessions.

Donate Time:   Dechen Ling  relies on volunteers to clean the shrine room.  If you can a volunteer, please contact Dechen Ling.

Donate Clothes.  We accept year-round donations of quality women’s clothing (including accessories, hats, shoes, belts, purses, jewelry and scarves) that are in in good to excellent condition to sell through our account at Deja Vu located in the Ashland Shopping Center (next to Dollar Tree).  To donate, please contact us through our “Contact” page on this website.

What does my donation help pay for?

Dechen Ling is not financially dependent on any other organization, and relies on donations from donors like you to cover operational expenses. 

Your tax deductible donation pays for:  monthly bookkeeper fees, annual non profit corporation fees, costs of waiving room use fee to authorized users, maintenance costs, utilities, supplies, special events,  printed materials, beautification of  Dechen Ling (non-structural), non profit lawyer fees & more.  Your donation does NOT go to pay for any staff positions, property taxes, mortgages, or structural costs. 

All people who work for Dechen Ling are volunteers.   


For more information, please call 541.488.2308 or email